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About us

WHY Rogue Riders began

Embarking towards the uncertain, seeking the escape of places and experiences completely unfamiliar, knowing you are heading towards exploration in its rawest form, have always been driving forces and interestingly a great source of calm and feeling centred for me.

My dream was to put together a capable team to offer unforgettable motorcycle tours of this extraordinary country.

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Nicholas wilkinson director rogue riders
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What you'll experience on our tours

Expert tour guides

  • Competent and capable guides
  • Support crew
  • Backup vehicle

Authentic experience

  • Discover amazing places
  • Ride challenging roads
  • Experience diverse culture
  • Take home incredible memories


  • Outstanding destinations
  • Excursion opportunities
  • Visit ancient sites
  • Wildlife spotting
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thrilling the senses

A cultural education
Whether it is being lost in the hustle and bustle of crowds and bright colours, or swathes of complete wilderness in the outer reaches of the country, India is a country and cultural education unlike any other.

A delight for the senses
Extremes of environment simultaneously thrilling and offending every sense - sight, sound, smell, but ultimately a place that leaves most of us passionate about life and the world we explore, as well as an inevitably deeper understanding of ourselves, whether we choose to be spiritual or not in our mindset.

Sharing the adventure
I have travelled many obscure as well as often trod paths and few places call to me as this country does. Perhaps it is the unique combination of factors, but building on this dream of continuing my adventures here and sharing them with others led me to seek out a team to make it possible.

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Rogue riders bikes
the call of adventure

We are like-minded bike enthusiasts, understanding the call of adventure in its many forms and whether you seek to dip your toes in the water with a brief but meaningful first introduction to India, or intend to join us for something more, our passion for convincing being out on the open road, in nature, in awe of places most only dream of, we are here to make it as unforgettable an experience as we can.

Knowledge, connections and extensive experience

With local knowledge, connections and extensive experience, our aim is to offer you the truest flavours of adventure, while you leave the planning and logistics to us.

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Meet the
rogue riders

Nicholas wilkinson managing director rogue riders
Nicholas Wilkinson

Nicholas has travelled extensively around India, first visiting in 1994 with a backpack. Fascinated by India, he stayed for eight months exploring and immersing himself in the culture and way of life.

Nicholas is based in London and Mumbai, he has put his dream of offering the best adventure tour routes to other adventure riders around this extraordinary country.

His love of India and adventure riding is the driving force behind Rogue Riders.

Rohith ashok lead tour guide rogue riders tours
Rohith Ashok

Rohith, Rogue Riders lead tour guide, is a professional adventure rider who, after leaving his job as a corporate lawyer in Mumbai, decided to follow his passion and take to the roads of India to create beautiful motorcycle tour videos on YouTube that are followed by tens of thousands.

His passion for motorcycles, his enthusiasm for adventure riding and his intimate knowledge of India are huge assets to Rogue Riders and our customers.

India mountain range motorcycle touring

“ In the West you have adventure sports… in India we have daily life ”

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